Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ZIne archieve 1.o

Have a massive collection of past Restitution Press zines.  Vol.1-17.0 is over 5 years of work some of the best times ever. just to name a few Eli Sipsas, El Bino, Andrew Hem, Cryptik, Absent, P7, Mark of the Beast, Draftsman, Plantrees there will be occasional posts with more Zine Archive.  

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Carmegedon Art "Hey no cars go""

I Saved the LA Times Sunday edition from the weekend of "Carmagedon" and used it as background to create this piece.  The details of the Mayor's quote can be seen in a photo but got covered up by some of the later imagery.  The Mayors office sits on the car less 110 fwy.  There is a dividing yellow drips that break open the composition and add a highway feeling.  Tried to contact LA Times to sell publish the piece and this is what response I got so far.  Sallie Hofmeister from the LA Times wrote.. "this is very touching, however we do not accept unsolicited art work. …but thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturdays Comisioned Liquor Series

 Finished this series yesterday and mailing to NYC to be installed at a new Bar Restaurant "Hope Garage"  Whole sale price per painting $300 including shipping art is 3'x3' on wood.  This Liquor store is in the city of Gardena on Nornande. Had alot fun stumbling around the studio high on one shot time to repeat today. 

The last image is the first Liquor store from the series "Bills" on pch in Torrance.  Bills is has an awesome hand painted advertisement for the DRF "Daily race forum" my first attraction then I was knocked off my feet when I went inside and noticed they had plastered there ceiling with loto ticket winnings and pay offs.  The whole ceiling is cover looks like to date back from early to late 90's. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Collabarative works with "too much fire"

First batch of orginal photos by "too much fire" and printed by restitution press.  Some organic collage compositions on the way this week.  All pieces are from "westside series" 

Deluge De dwntwn series

 36''x72'' on wood created august 2011 by restitution press

This blog is dedicated to showing the behind the scenes process and techniques used by the Restitution Press the "secret sauce".  Also will be updated with all the newest works for sale.