Thursday, November 21, 2013


Nineteen Sixty Three 50 year revolution anniversary series made exclusively for Mouche Gallery show tonight 11-21-2013.  Excited for the next 50 years of revolution ahead.  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1x Run Taco Madness Restitution 420 Forever

This weekend Proud to be teamed up with LA TACO and 1x Run and HIT&RUNCREW to release a special Limited Time Only prints, originals and the opportunity to make a custom t-shirt..  This series celebrates the Taco lifestyle in its center Downtown Los Angeles.  The concept behind the imagery is a to sell an idea in the form of an old American vintage product.  The lighter design was than remixed by the Godfather of design into a Crew lighter available as a t-shirt.

                                    This is the print "Historic Downtown" limited edition of /50
                                                                        link to print
 Thanks to everyone who came out to the Venice Beach Peach opening.  The group show at CAVE Gallery will be open till the end of the month so go check out history in the making.

Monday, April 8, 2013


A break from the blog for a few months, but in no way does this represent the vast amount of new ground breaking pieces that have been produced this year so far.  "Restitution Taco" last solo show at the C.A.V.E Gallery was SOLD OUT!! hope you had a chance to see it.  Here is a preview of a new small edition of one off prints with imagery from the last zine in conjunction with HIT AND RUN CREW!.  These will be framed and on display this coming Saturday, April 13 2013 along side a 12 ft' mural that you'll have to see in person because it will not be posted on this blog.  Locally this year be sure to keep your eyes peeled for new spots and some commissioned murals to be dropped in Hollywood and, or Venice Beach.  Also some limited amounts of T-shirts will be made to support the ideas behind the new series.

These prints are all 18 x 24. The collage elements are from my collection of vintage 1950's magazines "How To money making ideas" and "workbasket"  My inspiration for this is drawn from music sampling like DJ artisans J-Rocc, and the whole Second hand sure shoots film by Dub-Lab.  I got many of these magazines from the same out of the Closet as DJ Nobody got his records  from in Long Beach.  Anyways a lot of this will be going on in my future series. Stay tuned at @therestitutionpress on instagram,  Thanks to Brandy Flower, Patrick & Tanya, and LA Taco.  2013