Friday, May 25, 2012

Quick Profits and the allure of the Sunset Strip

Quick Profits and The Allure of the Sunset Strip, by Ryan Graeff completed May 2012.  A historic look into the Sunset strip with collage pieces from 1966 crime detective magazine True Detective.  The collage elements narrate a slightly darker under tone to the painting leaving it rich with information.  For more information email 

Friday, May 18, 2012

a glance into "The L.A Taco Life"

....A glance into a new Taco series with imagery from LA Taco.  Show in the works for the end of the summer 2012.  This series is dedicated to highlighting some of the best local taco spots.  The assemblage of the images is inspired by the very mixed and diverse Los Angeles taco lifestyle.  Complex, some faded, and all saturated with flavor.  These images created in collaboration with LA Taco to celebrate food and art in LA.

Tagged poles, gum on the ground, scratched windows, and a pale florescent glow are some of the inspirations existing whiten this series. Started in march 2012..

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Causeway Bay to L.A

Last image is 3'x9' commission piece on hand stretched canvas.  Lots of "one shot aqua" glossy paints and some Martha stewards glitter that worked surprisingly well.  Top images available at Jaxon in Culver City.  all works by Ryan Graeff Restitution Press 2012.