Monday, September 26, 2011

Return of the Cholita

:.The Cholita Bandita was designed by the great "EL BINO" The original run was of only a few and now is back.  For a limited time only the Cholita Bandit will be for sale.  Each week for the next (4) weeks it will be printed in different color ways.  Only (10) posters will be available from each run.  Price is $50 includes shipping packaging and stickers.  Paypal or for other payment options email  Proceeds go to fund installations.  Sweatshirts and shirts available next week and are made for order only.  Black zip up hoodies are $50 including shipping t-shirts are $30 limited run less than 50 made.:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

dwntwn to el porto commisoned

This composition was completed yesterday the 14th of September.  The customer Kyle Kupcheck a high school Friend of mine wanted it to be "one shot Aqua"  So i mixed it with red to get my complementary color on hence the subtle grey blend in corner.  Also the customer wanted images of dwntwn LA Venice beach and El Porto  Using One shot as a background makes it take 3x as long to make cause of the drying time.  2 of these were made at once both are 36''x20'' in. on wood box.  My favorite part of making this is when I was stuck with a large negative space on far right of painting.  I browsed through my screens and Corey Millers aka toomucfire "Sandman Motel" image was on a screen with a landing plane in the background.  I tilted the screen so the plane appears to be taking off instead of landing mixed a warm grey one pull and it was history.  More of Corey's work can be seen here "venice beach crime watch" type by Mark Of the Beast. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Zine archieve 2.0

The Restitution Press has been hand printed made in Los Angeles since 2005.  In order from top to bottom you can see artwork from a variety of volumes.  From the top is Mark of the Beast from vol.13.  El Bino spade nun from vol.6.  "Los Angeles" by Ryan Graeff vol.6.  Abcnt1 "war for wealth" from vol 13.  Jonas Lara subway series photos from vol.13.  Abcnt1t from vol.1  Photo of install by Ryan Graeff from vol.4. another subway series photo by Jonas Laraa, and Cryptik Ryan Graeff mash up from vol.17

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Westside Fire

This is a giant 6'x6' ft piece completed in late august 2011.  All photos by Corey Miller aka Too Much Fire.    The composition on this piece is whimsical.  As the silk screens where thrown down seemed to form magically half way threw I all ready wanted to start another one.  Going to make canvas reproductions of this piece.  The next photo series we will be working on is "Route 66" and even a Hollywood rock themed piece with venues and bars from Hollywood.  To order email us original for sale.